Counseling and representation for legal persons


  • Why does a legal person need assistance?
  • Why do we need lawyers when signing a contract?
  • Why do we need lawyers when buying a house?
  • Why do we need lawyers when we set up a company?

After 1990, it was quite difficult to make it on the market as a consulting lawyer. Advice and assistance work hand in hand. If you have a good consulting lawyer who assists you in your company’s work, you will certainly not need a representative lawyer.

And we are not talking about representation in court.

Representation of the company by a lawyer is possible in other contexts, as well, i.e. when dealing with transactions, signing contracts, before various State bodies, when carrying out legal acts in the name and in the interests of the company, because the company’s representation is not limited to representation in the event of litigation.

The representation of the company by a lawyer under the legal assistance contract falls within the area of conventional representation. It may also take the form of legal representation, which in the case of companies may be exercised only by the legal representative of the company or by a representative granted with special authority.

If you have a company established in Romania, if you wish to be a part in as few litigations as possible, if you wish for your company to prosper, please do not hesitate to contact a lawyer for advice. It will teach you to protect your company, employees, slogan, logo, goods and help you sign legally correct contracts.


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