Legal Advice

Consultanta juridica


We would love to be able to start the presentation of the section legal advice as most of our colleagues start : we offer free legal advice … Unfortunately, or fortunately for our clients, our presentation does not start like this because our legal advice has a price. Why do you have to pay a lawyer’s fee?



We are paid because:

  • we take responsibility for every piece of information we provide to our clients;
  • we master every legal field and specialization that is the object of the legal consultancy offered to our clients;
  • we continuously improve in order to progress and offer our clients consultancy in a professional way;
  • our goal is identical to that of our client, namely, success or success in the problem addressed;
  • we aim to transform the impossible into the possible.

If you want a lawyer to pay the fee for the principles mentioned above, but also for other values, which will be presented to you at our first meeting, please contact us.

For more details we invite you to read:



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